Length 14'11" (179 in) (4.55 m)

Width 2'4" (28 in) (66 cm)

This is the longest Kuba fabric in our stock! 


The Kuba cloth is a one of a kind fabric which has its origin from the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. This cloth is desired for its elaborate, intricate designs and the finishing done by the surface decoration on the base cloth. Kuba cloth has many variations n textiles made out of woven palm leaf fibre enhanced with complex geometric designs and repetitive patterns. 


Kuba Cloth adds a special African touch to any living space and is often utilized as statement pieces. These handmade products are, unique, hearty, redolent and warm which makes them last a very long period of time. Products include Kuba pillow covers put on the bed, couch or sofa. The long pieces of Kuba cloth can be used as wall hangings, wall frames, table runners or as desired. That brings a bit of African feeling and creativity into your interior spaces.

Kuba Orange and Black