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African Kuba Cloth

Unique African

gifts & trinkets


Oil painted everyday African scene
Geometric Kuba Table Runner
Ebony Wood Mother From Lake
Elephant Malachite
Geometric Kuba Table Runner
Heart Shaped Malachite Pendant
Geometric Kuba Accent Pillow
Three Monkeys Ebony Wood Figurine
Hippo Wenge Wood Figurine


African Kuba Cloth
African Kuba Cloth
African Kuba Cloth

Malachite is a copper carbonate hydroxide opaque, a green-banded mineral found in Congo. Its shinning calm green clour represents and symbolizes personal growth and abundance of the spirit. With the wisdom of the Malachite crystal, progress isn't measured in material riches but with spiritual treasures found deep within the heart. But this enchanting stone also has a practical side. The Malachite meaning brings us a lesson in sustainability to help keep the good vibes going strong and steady.

These very many different products that I have are handmade and given different shapes to make them look great and purposeful. They can be used spiritually, an ornament or for decoration or as desired. The products include eggs, bracelets, necklaces, small and big stones among other things.

The Kuba cloth is a one of a kind fabric which has its origin from the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. This cloth is desired for its elaborate, intricate designs and the finishing done by the surface decoration on the base cloth. Kuba cloth has many variations in textiles made out of woven palm leaf fibre enhanced with complex geometric designs and repetitive patterns. 


Kuba Cloth adds a special African touch to any living space and is often utilized as statement pieces. These handmade products are, unique, hearty, redolent and warm which makes them last a very long period of time. Products include Kuba pillow covers put on the bed, couch or sofa. The long pieces of Kuba cloth can be used as wall hangings, wall frames, table runners or as desired. That brings a bit of African feeling and creativity into your interior spaces.

The Ebony tree is harvested by selective logging throughout its natural range, and the wood is considered the true commercial ebony from Africa. Ebony wood is a purely black wood, the heartwood, the most famous part of the tree’s timber, is jet-black or very dark brown with black streaks. 

It is very dense and used for heavy flooring, shipbuilding, vehicle bodies, knife handles, guitar fingerboards and, most famously, the black keys of pianos.


The products I have been carefully handmade with deep details that bring out the beauty in Art. I have many different types of animals and other sculptures that can be used for decoration. 

African Kuba Cloth


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