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Unique African
gifts & trinkets


Malachite is a copper carbonate hydroxide opaque, a green-banded mineral found in Congo. Its shinning calm green colour represents and symbolizes personal growth and abundance of the spirit.


The Kuba cloth is a one of a kind fabric which has its origin from the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. This cloth is desired for its elaborate, intricate designs and the finishing done by the surface decoration on the base cloth. 


The Ebony tree is harvested by selective logging throughout its natural range, and the wood is considered the true commercial ebony from Africa. Ebony wood is a purely black wood, the heartwood, the most famous part of the tree’s timber, is jet-black or very dark brown with black streaks.

Kuba Fabrics

If you want to add an authentic African feel to your home or office decor, you can use Kuba cloth covers to provide a warm, inviting touch. African decor is all about rich colors, texture, and designs.